Number of units: 66 houses
Type of upgrading: Reconstruction
Land owner: Treasury Department
Tenure terms: 30 year renewable lease to the cooperative, through the Municipality
Land rental rate: 1 Baht per
4sm per year
Infrastructure subsidy: 2.7 million Baht (US$ 77,145) (from NHA, not Baan Mankong)
CODI housing loans: 7.2 million Baht
(US$ 205,800)


The cooperative worked with CODI’s architects to design a 2-story “core” row-house model (3 x 7 meters) with an internal loft on the second floor (using a ladder).

Though its “footprint” is small, this little row-house provides families with a total living area of 60 square meters. To keep costs to 63,000 Baht (US$ 1,800) per house, the people built the core houses collectively, with side walls, floor slabs, roofs and space for the second floor lofts. Then it was up to each family to provide it’s own front and back walls, windows, doors and finishes. Many used recycled material from their old houses.

* Site plan before reconstruction

* Site plan after reconstruction