This prototype is mostly used in urban
reconstruction and landsharing projects.

This is a project at the Suan Phlu

The total usable area is 82 m2; the
ground floor could be used as
a commercial space as well
as a living space.

There is a clerestory windows on
the 3rd floor for cross- ventilation.

Site Plan of Suan Phlu Settlement (Before the Fire)

New Site Plan (Baan Mankong Collective Housing Portion of the Site)

A few daysafter the fire, the cabinet approved a plan to allow the Treasury Department (which owns the land), the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security and the Housing Authority to find a solution for the people affected by this disaster, with the stipulation that the original residents should be allowed to stay on the same land, with a long-term lease. This was itself an important breakthrough in Bangkok, where fires are often used as an excuse to terminate land lease arrangements and evict people from squatter settlement.

The community decided to split into two groups : those who wanted to get “ready-made” flats in 5-story blocks that would be built by the Housing Authority (340,000 baht per 33 m2 unit) and those families who wanted to design and build their own housing with support from CODI’s Baan Mankong Collective Housing Program (360,000 baht per 82 m2 unit).

After some complex negotiations, the 2.8 hectare site was divided into two parts, with 40% being allotted to CODI’s Baan Mankong project (264 units) and 60% to the Housing Authority (558 units). The CODI’s collective housing program is now finished and occupied, while the Housing authority’s project is still under construction.


Number of units : 264 houses
Type of upgrading : On-site reconstruction after a fire.
Land owner : Treasury Department

Tenure terms : 
30 year renewable lease to the Suan Phlu community cooperative.
Land rental rate: 120 to 140 Baht ($3 – 4) per month, per unit (depending on unit size).
Infrastructure subsidy : 14.9 million Baht (US$ 425,000)
CODI housing loans : 46.6 million Baht (US$ 1.33 million)
CODI temporary housing subsidy : 18,000 Baht ($515) per unit (100 units) for families
in houses that were not affected by the fire but joined the project.